Since Disney, Universal Studios and other international theme park brands have entered China, The Amusement Industry which has created nearly 100 billion yuan output value annually, has attracted the market’s attention quickly. The Secretary-General of CAAPA, Feng Yuguo said, the amusement Industry has become a new bright spot in the tourism industry. In general, all of the theme parks in China are currently in a profitable state. With the influx of capital from all, the development of the amusement industry represented by the theme parks has an excellent future!

The industry of pan-entertainment such as film and television, games, animation continues to upgrade. Meanwhile, amusement industry upgrade continuously in its concept, quality, size, and quantity. Relevant data show that the Chinese amusement industry annual turnover of 200 billion yuan in 2016. The statistics show that there are 1500theme parks, 230 water parks and 15,000 indoor children’s parks.

The Secretary-General of CAAPA, Feng Yuguo said “At present, China’s amusement industry has been developed, the industrial scale has been expanding, and the industrial system is maturing. The amusement Industry has become a new bright spot in the tourism industry. It has promoted the transformation of economic growth mode, the adjustment of economic structure, and the development of tourism economy.”

According to his introduction, at present, China’s amusement facilities manufacturing industry is maturing in 2016,the output value of about 100 billion yuan. China produces a full range of products, also the products have high technology content, and reliable quality. China-made amusement equipment appears not only Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, Universal Studios Beijing, but also it is exported to international markets.

However, we should pay attention to how to enhance our core competitiveness under the industry rapid development.

Hainan, the most southern city in China, relying on its four seasons such as spring weather conditions and make advantage of the theme park’s construction and operation. The construction of International Tourist Island, the implementation of the visa-free entry and the island tax-free policy, make a favorable environment for amusement industry’s develop in Hainan.

The first Hainan International Entertainment and Recreation Facilities and Theme Park Exhibition will be held in Hainan international conference and exhibition center on June 1. This exhibition is supported by Hainan government, department of commerce of Hainan province and bureau of convention and exhibition of Hainan province. It’s no doubt that it will provide the opportunity to entry the Hainan entertainment market for the manufacturer of entertainment.

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