China and Georgia concluded their Free Trade Agreement (FTA)negotiations, with a landmark memorandum of understanding signedin Tbilisi. After the implementation of the FTA agreement, Chinese enterprises and consumers will have greater access to high quality products like wine and fruits from Georgia, while Georgians will benefit from cheaper China-made industrial products.

Four years ago, the target is to become 1 percent of total Chinese wine imports, which at that time was about 300 million bottles. That goal already reached, selling 5 million bottles to China last year. The target now is to be selling 20 million bottles annually five years from now. After the free trade treaty takes effect, Georgia will become the first country in Caucasus region to have such relation with China.

'While Georgia may be most famous in Europe for its quality white wines, exports to China are 80 percent red wines, as China is the world’s largest consumer of red wines. Sparkling wine and brandy make up the remaining exports. Georgia claims the title of the “cradle of wine,” with a tradition of winemaking that archaeologists have documented going back 6,000 years. The country also has 525 recognized grape varieties, but the bulk of wines that go to China are the rich, red-black vintages of Saperavi.