Nowadays, Sri Lanka is in the upgrading of consumer electronics trend. Because of a high percentage of young people in Sri Lanka, a large amount of old phones have been replacing. Overall,the smart phone industry is highly competitive andthe market is flooded withvariety of mobile phone brands. That contributesa challenge for the customers to select a high-quality and good performance mobile phone when they buying a new phone. A popular brand with high price might notsatisfy customer’s expectations. Therefore, in Sri Lanka, marketing world-class, high-quality, cost-effective mobile phone is imperative. Here is the sale’s condition of its smart phones inSri Lankan market.

Huawei Launches its New Products in Sri Lanka

According to IDC report, till the end of 2015, Huawei Smartphones gained nearly a 23.08 % of market share in Sri Lanka. It has been ranked second phone brand mobile phone industryin a very short time.Currently, the target of Huawei is to become Sri Lanka’s largest smart phone brand.

Huawei P9 and P9 Lite were unveiled to the Sri Lankan market recently. Itgives the opportunity for Sri Lankan consumers to experience what is ‘a camera with the feature of taking calls’. “The P9 sets a new standard in smartphone photography, this time we expect that the launch of P9 and P9 lite could arise a new trend for Huawei in Sri Lanka , and boom for sales doubled.’’Said by Shunli Wang, Huawei’s CEO.

The Huawei P9has introduced the dual camera smartphonewith Leica, featuring excellent appearance of top photography function.It attracted a large amount of local phone manufacturers, mobile phone operators and Huawei fans coming to the new products’ issue place. After the presentation, Huawei also held a series of P9 Dealer Conference, among the 1000 dealers in Sri Lanka,more than 400 dealers of them joined in the conference, warming up the forthcoming sales’ boom.

OPPO Opens the FirstServiceCenter in Colombo

OPPO currently develops the smart phone market by offering a variety of innovative and attractively priced smartphones. OPPO Sri Lanka provides smart phone models includingOPPO flagship models F1 Plus, Neo 7 and Neo 5.

In order to provide consumers with an unprecedented quality and service-oriented, OPPO Sri Lanka has established the first OPPO phone service center in Colombo on June 14, 2016.OPPO Sri Lanka CEO Daniel Cao and Adel Jia service managers attended the opening ceremony. “OPPO Lanka’s Service center mission is providing the best service to our OPPO customers in Sri Lanka. It isopen service centers with island wide. Inthe service center, whichis equipped with the modern tools equip modern tools,rich experience staffscan provide customers with confortable and convenient service.”Adel Jia said.

Meizu Catches Sri Lankan Youth Group’s Eyes

Meizu,as one of the largest smart phone brands in China, is becoming the new hot point in Sri Lanka smart phone market because of its superior design, high quality and aircraft-grade alloy mold and outstanding smartphone features such as ‘mTouch’ fingerprint recognition technology. According to Sri Lanka market research, Meizu is promoting their brand in Colombo, Kaluthara, Gampaha and Negambo areas, and it plan to distribute the whole island at later stage.

Sri Lankan youth now is opening this amazing and innovative smart phone experience. The unique design of Meizuphone, competitive price, exclusive Android software (flyme), stable and smooth running, which are making Meizubecome one of the most popularmobile phone brandsamong young people in Sri Lanka. Meizu CEO of Sri Lanka market said as a prestigious mobile phone brand in China, Meizu will provide a cost-effective, high-quality, innovative smartphone to Sri Lankan consumers.

The Sri Lanka Smart Phone’s Market

Sri Lanka’s economy grows very fast in recent years. The annual economic growth rate is around 8% from 2010. The gross domestic value is about 78 billion dollars in the year of 2015, which reflects a steady growth of the economy.

Base on Sri Lankan population, 25% of population is 0 to 14 years old children, and 62 % is age 15 to 59. The large amount of youth group contributes the demand of consumer electronics and smart phones. In addition,Sri Lanka is poor at manufacture, most of household appliances and electronic products must import from other countries.Chinese products have good quality, cheaper price and more product types than other countries. Chinese brand, not only smart phones but also other electronic products are taking their steps into Sri Lanka market.

The China Products (Colombo, Sri Lanka) Exhibition

The China Products (Colombo, Sri Lanka) Exhibition has consumer electronic and household appliances area, which made a great success and attracting many professional buyers come to consult and seek the opportunity to cooperation. Additionally, with the support of Chinese government, the exhibition organiser will help qualified companies to apply the subsidy. It can reduce the cost on developing oversea markets. We look forward you to participate in 2016 China Products (Colombo, Sri Lanka) Exhibition!

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