On the morning of November 29, Hainan Province held the first plenary meeting of the 24th session of the Standing Committee of the Fifth People’s Congress. At the meeting, the Standing Committee of Hainan Province, Hainan Provincial People’s Government vice Governor Mao Chaofeng has reported the province’s environmental conditions of 2015 and the completion of the “second Five-Year” environmental protection objectives.

The report pointed out that the province’s environmental quality in 2015 maintained a leading level in the country. Haikou ranked first in 74 key cities in the assessment of air quality. Water environment, soil environment and ecological environment quality of Hainan maintain an overall good.

Last year, pass rate of air quality in Hainan Province (including 18 cities and counties, excluding Sansha City) was 100%: 97.9% of excellent days, 2% of mild pollution days, 0.1% of moderate pollution days, and no serious pollution days. SO2, NO2, PM10, PM2.5 in average concentration were 5, 9, 35, 20 micrograms per cubic meter. Annual average concentration of ozone and carbon monoxide were 118 microgram/cubic meter, 1.1 mg/m3. The sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, PM10 four indicators to reach the national level standards, PM2.5 and ozone close to the national level standards.

The report also shows that water quality in Hainan Province became better in 2015. The Hainan’s surface water to reach or better than Grade III water’s quality ratio of 92.9%. Among the 29 centralized drinking water sources, the qualified rate of water quality for surface water and groundwater drinking water sources was 100%. The rate of excellent and good water quality of the monitoring stations in coastal areas of the province was 92.8%. In addition, the report also pointed out that the soil environment in Hainan, the overall situation of the ecological environment have shown excellent overall situation.

The report pointed out that in 2015, Hainan Province, through strict project construction environment access, and actively promote the elimination of backward production capacity, pay close attention to pollution abatement, efforts to promote air, water and soil pollution control, and actively promote the ecological demonstration zone construction, strict law enforcement Supervision and a series of measures, over the completion of the state issued four binding environmental indicators task.

The report also put forward the main objectives of the “thirteen-five” environmental protection work in Hainan. It will focus on promoting the prevention and control of atmospheric, water and soil pollution, deepening the environmental protection system reform, optimizing the spatial pattern of green development in the province; Rural environmental protection and other seven work, so that Hainan continues to maintain the “blue sky often, often in the green mountains, green water often” the first-class ecological environment quality.

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