FHW CHINA2017 Held in September Presenting Delicacies from All over the World.

As a professional and international imported food exhibition in South China, FHW CHINA has support from governments, associations and well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Each year, dozens of national pavilions would appear at the International Hall.

The specialty food presented in the International Hall has become the biggest highlight of FHW CHINA

FHW CHINA2017 attracts exhibitors from over 20 countries and regions, including Indonesia, Thailand, India, Italy, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Turkey, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and Japan. Do you know what special food there is in these countries?


Indonesia is a tropical country and the staple food there is rice, corn, or potatoes. Since most Indonesians believe in Islam, the vast majority of the population does not eat pork, but only beef, mutton, fish, shrimp and the like. In addition, Indonesia is a country rich in spices. Indonesians like to put a variety of spices, such as peppers, onions, ginger, and garlic and so on into the dishes.

The Indonesia Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with rich and colorful exhibits, including leisure biscuits and sweet water products, which is a real treat to everyone!


From soy milk to honey, from dried mango to dried durian, chowhounds just can’t stop loving Thai food. The popularity of Thai cuisine is global, which can be shown by wide distribution of Thai restaurants in major cities all over the world.

The Thailand Pavilion has participated in FHW CHINA for four consecutive years! It is just the right place to experience the special spiciness, sourness, and sweetness of Thai food.


Heavy scented and highly stimulating, India food is one of a kind in global food culture.. India has been known since ancient times as a place with "abundant spices and gold ". The Indians have always liked to eat spices, which are as many as dozens, the most common being curry, ginger, garlic, cloves, cinnamon, Jiang Huang, fennel, coriander, cumin, cardamom, and pepper.

The India Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with exhibits including frozen poultry meat, halal food, spices and seasonings, food and beverage equipment, tableware and accessories.


Many people think that France is the mother of Western food. In fact, the Italians are gourmets who have a long history in food and drink. Italians are good at making noodles and rice, which is almost a must in each meal. Italian foods are numerous in variety and styles. Olive oil, black olives, cheese and wine are the integral part.

The Italy Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with Italian noodles, frozen meat, tomato sauce, olive oil and wine among other food products. Taste all the Italian delicacies at FHW CHINA!

Ingredients that are abundant and widely used in Italy are gathered to let you feel the second to none “authenticity and tradition" of Italian food.


Turkey is a country across Europe and Asia with diversified food culture. Turkey cuisine, originated in Central Asia and developed in Asia Minor, is in a sense the transition between Middle East and Mediterranean cuisine. It features meat (mainly beef, mutton and chicken), vegetables and beans and highlights natural flavor of raw materials (mainly meat and dairy products), which is to be highlighted with butter, olive oil, salt, onions, garlic, spices and vinegar.

Turkey appears at FHW CHINA 2017 with mainly small noodles, beans and olive oil. Interested friends may come to the fair in September to have a taste.


The unique geographic location of Malaysia has created a beautiful tourist attraction and food culture there. Natural seasoning is an important part and characteristic of Malaysian food. Many plant leaves and stems, such as coconut and lemon grass, can be used as natural condiment. The Malaysia people like to eat spicy food, which is even spicier than Thai food.

The Malaysia Pavilion will appear FHW CHINA 2017 with a great variety of coffees, spices, coconut slices, and biscuits and so on.


Multi racial culture and tradition brings along the colorful and unique Singaporean food culture. Singapore is a melting pot of culture, including diet culture. There are names of "food" in Chinese, English, Malay, Indian, and even Minnan, Chaozhou, Guangdong and other languages.

The Singapore National Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with rich exhibits including instant cereals, nut snacks, curry spices, etc.

South Korea

South Korea is a south-north peninsula country with distinct four seasons. It has a frumentum-dominated dietary structure and varied range of agricultural products. Facing the sea on three sides, South Korea is also rich in seafood. Therefore, there are diversified grain, meet and vegetable ingredients. Fermented foods such as yellow soybean paste, soy sauce, chili sauce and fish sauce are important seasonings.

The Korean National Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with pickles, instant noodles, seaweed, Korea ginseng, coffee, and wine, etc.

Sri Lanka

Curry is a unique condiment in Sri Lanka. It is spicier and has more intense smell. The Sri Lankan people love tea from bottom of their hearts. Excerpt for tea after three meals, there is also morning tea and afternoon tea time. As long as the mood comes, they would find a teahouse, sit there, drink a cup of black tea, and then continue to do their own work.

The Sri Lanka National Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with quality tea of local characteristics produced by local manufacturers.


Japanese food may be the most inclusive in the world. With great variety, fine production and rich nutrition, it embodies the aesthetics of cooking. All countries in the world imposed strict restrictions on Japanese food at the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear accident. But with the efforts of the Japanese government and more and more scientific evidence to prove the safety of Japanese food, you might want to give it a try.

The Japan Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with Japanese wine, spices, rice cakes and other snack food.


Fresh ingredient and great variety are the most important features of Chilean food culture. Unique geographical features, diversified climate, and long narrow coastline along the Pacific bring along a wide variety of fish, shellfish, algae and soft seafood. Meantime, reputed as “wine star", Chile is the second largest producer of wine in South America.

The Chile Pavilion will appear at FHW CHINA 2017 with seafood, meat, wine and beer

To be continued…

More brilliant product info coming soon!

Delicious food from more countries are expected to appear at FHW CHINA 2017

September 8-10, 2017

Area A, China Import and Export Fair Complex (Pazhou, Guangzhou)


In 2017, FHWCHINA and HOSFAIR will be held together for the first time, with exhibition area reaching 70,000 square meters. Over 2400 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions are expected to participate in the event.

Win-win cooperation

Joining hands with HOSFAIR and China Hotel Supplies Association, FHW CHINA has had unprecedented brand influence than ever. The Buyers include e-commerce retailers, importers, chain supermarkets, hotel management groups, wholesale markets, catering companies, wine and food distributors, etc.

Professional business matching

FHW CHINA works with Guangdong Imported Food Association to match hundreds of importers with buyers. It also cooperates with provincial authoritative organizations to recruit more high-quality professional buyers for the exhibitors. Comprehensive partnership with FOOD2CHINA.com and FOOD2CHINA magazine brings over 100,000 buyers’ resources to the fair.

Real stuff going on

2017 Imported Food Development Forum set sail again; 20+ professional food activities will be held during the fair, covering all the essence of the industry.

FHW CHINA warmly welcome peers in food industry to participate as exhibitor or visitor

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