Relations between China and India are tense? The truth is...

Recently, news of the border standoff between China and India has been overwhelming. But in the more than 20 days of standoff, in fact, India has not made any further moves other than simply crossing the border and confronting the Chinese frontier defense.

However, tension between the two countries really makes many people feel restless. Rumors that India has began to boycott Chinese goods are going the rounds. Is this really the case? Let’s find out.


News spreads that principals and headmasters in the biggest Indian city Mumbai call for boycott of Chinese stationery. This is not surprising considering that the Indian army invaded the Chinese side of the border and triggered a long confrontation between the two sides. Because of various reasons, some Indians have been shouting "boycott Chinese goods" constantly ".

"In recent years, whenever relations between China and India suffered setbacks, a group of nationalists and anti-China forces in India would stage a farce against Chinese goods." China South Asia Society executive director Qian Feng said to the "Global Times" on the 10th.

However, this is an unwise move!

Gist of the screenshot: The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) warned that boycott of Chinese goods can only raise cost of living for the Indian people and put India's wholesalers and retailers in a dilemma.

(From WeChat official account of CCPIT)


There was a video circulated online these days which makes many Chinese very angry. It shows broken billboards of mobile shops in India streets, among which are well-known Chinese mobile phone brand VIVO and OPPO, as well as South Korean brand Samsung.

The person who released the video claimed that smashing the Chinese billboards was in retaliation for the border issues against the Chinese.

But the truth is very different!!

Gist of the screenshot: smashing of the Chinese mobile phone brands in the online video actually has nothing to do Sino-Indian border confrontation. It happened before the confrontation. Truth is the mobile store billboards, including Chinese brands, were deemed inappropriate by the local government and required to be tore town.

(From WeChat official account of the Global Times)


In addition, on July 11th, Indian State Secretary of foreign affairs S Jaishankar made a speech in Singapore, taking a stand on the confrontation between Indian and Chinese military in Donglang area for the first time. This is seen as an attempt to cool the strained relations between the two countries.

Gist of the screen: Secretary General of India China Economic and Cultural Council Mohammed Saqib expressed that border issue will soon pass. India and China have always been friends and India welcomes china.

(From WeChat official account of the Global Times)

China and India are two large neighboring Asian countries. Their diplomatic and economic relations are very important not only to themselves but also the international community. An important aspect is the interaction between Indian and Chinese companies. For example, Chinese enterprises expanding India market has become a highlight of China’s “Going out” strategy. It has also played an important role in boosting India's economy.