Exclusive interview with Canadian Agriculture Minister: " Canada has all the food needed by Chinese

On November 11th, Lawrence MacAulay, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-food of Canada, led a high standard business delegation to China to have a talk on agriculture and agricultural products.

On November 16th, the MacAulay delegation came to the second stop of its China trip: Guangzhou, and had a cordial meeting with Mr. Wolfgang Qi, President of the Guangdong Imported Food Association and his retinue. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the development prospects of Canadian food in the Chinese market and future cooperation. After the meeting, His Excellency MacAulay accepted an exclusive interview with “FOOD TO CHINA” magazine. Minister Mccauley believes that: with the Chinese imported food market becoming increasingly mature and open, the Chinese consumers not only have more choices in the category of imported food, but also put forward higher requirements for the quality of imported food. They want to track the whole process from the origin of food to its production and transportation to ensure that the food they purchase is safe and superior. Canadian food has been known for its strict safety and quality monitoring. Minister Mccauley hopes to let more Chinese consumers know Canadian food and let Canadian food manufacturers has a better understanding of the needs of the Chinese consumers through this trip.

"Canada has been an old friend of China for many years," said his Excellency Mccauley. How to find correct and effective ways to enter the Chinese market and bring more safe and superior Canadian food to China? How should Canada maintain its advantages in the fierce competition in China's imported food market? These are important questions that need discussion.