Worldex-SingEx (Guangzhou)

Worldex-SingEx (Guangzhou)
Worldex-SingEx (Hainan)
Food2China (Guangzhou)

Worldex-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is the Chinese subsidiary company of SingEx Exhibitions Holdings Pte Ltd, in turn a subsidiary company of SingEx Holdings, a Singapore company wholly owned by Temasek Holdings (one of the largest investment holding companies in the country). SingEx Holdings oversees a group of subsidiary companies that specialises in venue management and consultancy, as well as organising trade exhibitions and conferences.

Worldex-SingEx has a diversified portfolio of business solutions comprising wholly-owned events, international exhibitions promotion and business display projects. Worldex-SingEx also owns the subsidiary Worldex-SingEx Exhibitions (Hainan) Co., Ltd. with its focus on developing exhibitions services for the tourism sector in Hainan.

Worldex-SingEx currently has the following shows under its suite of owned and managed events – Hainan’s M3 Fair (Hainan International Hotel Furniture and Hospitality, Hotel Design, Hotel Construction and Building Material Fair); Food Hospitality World China (FHW CHINA); and China Products Shows in Bangkok (Thailand), Colombo (Sri Lanka) and Mumbai (India).

Worldex-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is also the management company of Xinjiang Special Forestry and Fruit Products Exhibition (Guangzhou), and also promotes exhibition services of Tuttofood, Bit and Homi.

Guangzhou Food2China Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the first in Southern China to focus on imported food industry. As a result of investing several years on industry research, we developed a 4-in-1 platform to gather industry information, news, data and resources; we leveraged on exhibitions to conduct offline business matching, created a website to facilitate online business matching, developed media relations to disseminate industry information, and established associations to set industry benchmarks. 

This comprehensive 4-in-1 platform became an indispensable bridge that connects overseas food suppliers to the Chinese market. Apart from being an effective channel for importers and agents to expand the market, Food2China is a platform serving as an important business resource for third-party service providers, as well as to render substantial help for the government to regulate and guide the development of the industry.